Question about the C.A.R. contract pertaining to Wholesaling/Assigning

Hi, I am in CA and looking to Wholesale and Assign Properties. I have the C.A.R. contract which, I have been told, is great. But I am confused about filling out the FINANCE TERMS in a way applicable to my end users since I assume they will be using mainly Private and Hard Money.

The contract seems geared towards the conventional purchase of a home. I want to submit contracts that will facilitate my buyers/assignees.

Below is an example of what confuses me. Section 1, A through D, pertains to the OFFER. I can handle that. Section 2, A through L, pertains to FINANCE TERMS. I’m going to copy out a little of 2C and 2D to ask if I should get stuck here or go down to 2L which is the ALL CASH OFFER.

2.c FIRST LOAN IN THE AMOUNT OF…$______________
(1) New First Deed of Trust in favor of lender, encumbering the Property, securing a note payable at maximum interest of ________% fixed rate, or _______% initial adjustable rate with a maximum interest rate of __________%, balance due in _____________years, amortized over____________years. Buyer shall pay loan fees/points not to exceed _______. (These terms apply whether the designated loan is conventional, FHA or VA.)

(2)__FHA ___VA (The following loans only apply to the FHA or VA loan that is checked.) (etc)

2.d ADDITIONAL FINANCING TERMS__Seller Financing (C.A.R. Form SFA); __ secondary financing (C.A.R. Form PAA, paragraph 4A); assumed financing (C.A.R. Form PAA, paragraph 4B)…$___________

Then, down at 2L is the ALL CASH OFFER. (If checked): No loan is needed to purchase the Property. Buyer shall, within 7 (or, _______) Days After Acceptance, provide Seller written verification of sufficient funds to close this transaction.

In a nutshell, would it be too simplistic to check that ALL CASH OFFER box? Can anyone shed some light on this question? This contract is 8 pages excluding any addendum or such. It is a lot of paperwork since many offers need to be submitted in order for one to be accepted. But that’s ok as long as I ultimately get it! :help
Any tips on what to watch out for or make sure of would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have some info that may can help!!! I can make this real simple. I do business in TX but this shouldn’t vary. I meet with a very good closer at the attorneys office that I use because even though I had closed numerous deals with them before something simple was tripping me up. His response was that he see’s thousands of contracts a year from different investors & that he didn’t know the answer, we were the creative minds he just closes want we bring him. It dawned on me that if it makes sense to me it had made sense to the attorney and closer I had been closing these creative deals with. When I accomplished my first transaction I gave the sellers money when I didn’t have to, wrote the contract numerous times and they signed numerous times they didn’t know that they were my test dummies everything worked out. Don’t allow any block to stop you, look at it like this in real estate financing is cash, cash is cash, but how you decide to write the contract and how creative and solid the contract is, is how you win. ? isn’t financing cash!!!

Throw that thing out,
Wholesaling,assigning is much simpler than using this form.
If you feel the need to be this legalistic then use the Earnest money agreement at your offer stage and do not fill in any of this. Use " from proceeds of a new loan" Finance your deal if needed but you should be selling/assigning before you actually have to pay for the product.

Thanks Darin,
I definitely do not want to be overly legalistic here, but just haven’t known of a simpler Form. What is that earnest money offer you mentioned? How do you make offers? What form do you use?