Question about Tax Sale

Hello Everybody,
I’ve made up my mind to attend the next tax sale. I spotted a couple properties i would like to bid on and i am doing the “footwork” to make sure they are worthy. I have a question though. One of the property owners owes for the passed 6 years. How is this handled? I live in and will be attending a tax sale in Georgia by the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Call the county tax collector’s office where these properties are located and ask them directly. I called my local office and talked to a lady for about a half hour regarding the tax sales. The rules as I understand them here is that the property is only allowed to be delinquent for 3 years prior to it being sold. I would have to bring the taxes current here and then the owner would have to pay that money plus interest to avoid losing the property. I was told that the people running the auction would get certain properties out of the way first if people were there for a certain property since the auction can last for a few days.
The best info you’ll get is from the people at your local office.


Georgia is a redeemable tax-deed state, so it works different than most. 20% first year, 10% each year thereafter…with a 1 year right of redemption

the bidding will start at the combined delinquent taxes owed…and then the redeemable deed will go to the highest bidder…(you bid the amount you would be willing to accept the prop for if it should go the entire year and should you then choose to foreclose and the deed absolute)…

you should definitely go back to mu older posts and find the report I wrote on “Georgia Tax Sales” - which I think is the name I gave it…

In this lengthy CASE STUDY I walk you through everything you need to know before you bid at a Georgia tax sale… just go back about a little over a year and you should find the post…it will have “20%” somewhere in the title…

if you still have questions just post it…

Good Luck… keep your eye out for great mobile home buys at the Georgia sales…especially if you are working with a rather limited budget, cause sometimes the big shots can bid up the properties in the high tens of thousands and even into the 6 figures in some cases

i think it says “earn 20% on Georgia tax sales”