Question about Tax Lien Auction!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get a list of properties that have tax liens…I have been reading on this but never tells you how to obtain a list and the auctions are…If anyone has an info on this I would greatly appreciate it…I live in Arizona so if you have info let me know…Thanks

in jersey they are called tax certificates. when searching for lis pendens i come across these sometimes. i believe i can also do a search by this document type so that it lists them.

as far as finding out when the auctions are…call the municpal hall of the particular town and they can give you that info.

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You can visit the Treasurer’s office for Maricopa County (or whatever county that you wish to view tax liens for). The Maricopa county webpage under Treasurer’s office will give you information on Tax Liens. The main office is on Jefferson Street in Phoenix.

The time to get the report is in December - this will be the most current list for deliquent taxpayers. This list will be used in January when Maricopa county begins their tax lien auction. I believe the list costs $75 in December – in the summer its $50 but all the ‘good’ liens have been purchased.

If you don’t wish to purchase the report, a copy of the report is available for viewing within the office (computers are available that take you to the assessor’s webpage). You can type in the parcel numbers and conduct your due diligence.