Question about searching foreclosures

I am wondering how a person can search for foreclosures or people who have been served the paperwork for the foreclosure process? Specifically, I am wondering how this can be done without paying anyone money to find out? I know there are foreclosure services that one may subscribe to, but if I can find out about them otherwise, I would rather save the money.


N. Long

Hi Nlong.

I would guess that it depends on which state you are in. In my area, some of the title companies have web sites that you can just look at to find the foreclosures. Others will put you on their mailing list just for asking. Some may want to charge for the service, but I have not subscribed to any of them as of yet. Also, you may be able to look in the legal notices in the paper. Many of the papers have their classified adds on the internet as well.

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Howdy Nlong:

Spend $45 on the service. You can get it online here in Texas and a lot easier than going to the courthouse and pulling it from the wall.

Contact your local city or county courthouse. Here in Portland, OR the county has tons of info on computer file. You can go there and utilize the system to obtain foreclosure info such as names, addresses, deliquent amount on mortgage, mortagees monthly payment, etc., etc. Also use different marketing tools to market your services as a person who specializes in helping people in foreclosure. Use posters, yellow signs, newspaper ads, tell everyone you come in contact with, give them your business card.

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What is the name of the sevice on foreclourse properties for $45 mentioned by tedjr?


Howdy JG:

The service is different for different areas and there may be several in large cities. There are two here in Austin that I know of but do not know the link for one. Here is the one I have used:

You can do Google search to find your county or ask other investors in your club etc or go to an actual sale and ask around. FLS actually has a table set up at our courthouse each month.