Question about Robert J. Abalos

Do any of you folks have any experience with Robert J. Abalos?

He apparently has a book or a course on investing in land.
He might also have a seminar on this topic.

I have to confess that this subject has become more interesting to me lately,
and I would like to learn more about land investing and development.

I just wanted to get some feedback about this guy to see if his materials were any good,
and if he was for real or not.

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend “Investing in Land: How to Be a Successful Developer (Wiley Series on Real Estate for Professional Practitioners) by Ralph Pisani”. You can find it cheap on Ebay.

As for Robert Abalos, do your own research - check his rating at, then do a Google search.

Great advice William Ralph has a great book out!

As for Robert Abalos never heard of him I will look into it and let you know!!


Some of his customers feel he is definitely NOT real. But as Bill suggested, you’ll find out quick enough by doind a little research.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Bill, I think I found the the Pisani book at:

Is this right? (By the way, I have most your materials, too. Good stuff! Any new courses in the works?)

Robb, I didn’t find the William Ralph book yet. Do you know the title of it, or a link to it somewhere?
I found several others on Amazon after I started searching there, so it looks like I’ve got a lot of reading material choices. I would like to find the Ralph book if I can as well.

I found Mr. Abalos’ book on Amazon also. He has good ratings there.

But I googled him as suggested, and I get a different picture. It seems that he has a lot of unhappy customers. I wonder if his delivery problems still exist?

Whoa, Nancy!

I just noticed your signature line. It sounds like you do this already in your state. (PA, right?)
I’m in Texas, and I’ve got no license, so I shouldn’t get in your way. :wink:

Do you have any advice for someone who has not tried this yet with land?

Any recommended books to read in addition to the ones mentioned already?

I’ve done houses and mobile homes for years. It’s been great, but I keep seeing opportunities in acreage go by. It looks like something I could do with the right information.


Yes, I’m a land broker in PA. Whatever I’ve learned about land development over the last 20 years, I’ve gotten by asking questions, writing, teaching, reading, research, being on the “hot seat” in front of municipal boards, assisting in subdivision and rezoning, trial and error, hard work, etc.