Question about REIAs

There are 2 REIAs near me 1 of them is a Rental Property Owners Association and the other is also a Rental Property Association. The only actual investing association is about 2 hrs away from me. Would the rental property associations do any good for me?

The local REIA’s will undoubtedly do you some good. Obviously, they will be most valuable if you want to be a landlord. However, depending on what you want to do, they could still be very valuable. For example, if you want to wholesale properties to other investors, a landlord association would be ideal.

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missjen - our local REIA accepts visitors in their monthly meeting (cost = $20.00). Why don’t you check with the two close to you? You can check them out paying a very small fee and see if you like the meetings. You can then make an informed decision whether to join them or not.

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Landlords are real estate investors and will know a lot about the local market.

They may not do any of the quicker buying and selling – or maybe a few of them do, in addtition to keeping rentals.

Excluding a few of the mom and pop rentals, your local landlord is very likely to know more about the local market and conditions than anyone else. When you are long term and plan to hold what you buy, you pay close attention to what is going on around your property.

There’s no point in dismissing the clubs that are convenient, but if there is an actual investor’s club (rather than a landlord club) within 2 hours…my advise is plan the evening and go. Show up early and stay late (i.e. make it worth your time). Set a goal to meet as many people as possible and find out how you can help them in their real estate business.

It’s been said (and for me this has been sooooo true!) that the more you help others get what they want, the faster you’ll end up getting what you want. Put the focus on them. What is their experience level? What would they like to do in the next 30, 90, 180 days and how can you help them attain those goals? Would they like to set up an informal networking group when a small group of like minded people can get together, network, share ideas, etc.?

Those are some ideas…I think you’ll find venturing outside your area to be around more active investors will help to launch your real estate business more quickly.