Question about LLC name.

If my company name has “realty” in the title, such as “blah blah realty,LLC” do I have to be a licensed realtor?? I’m in ohio.

Thank you.

In Texas, the state does not place any restrictions on the name of the company as long as it is not deceptively close to the name of another company organized in TX.

However, using the term “Realtor” will run you afoul of TREC rules, just like using “Certified” and “Accountant” or “CPA” will cause problems with the TX board of CPAs. (unless you are one, of course)

I don’t know if “Realty” is too close to “Realtor” or not.

Thank you, I do plan on doing lease options and flipping within the LLC. I was just wondering if I could sell homes and also use the realty term in my company name, without actually having a realtor license.

Change that to “real estate” and avoid any problems.

You are dealing with large amounts of people’s money, so you want to be extremely cautious about anything that even has the remote appearance of trying to deceive them.

You don’t want someone who made a mistake to turn around and claim you deliberately tried to mislead them when they file that lawsuit against you. Remember, they do not have to have a reasonable case in order to file a lawsuit, so you want to run your business with as few liabilities as possible

(now, if you get your realtor’s locense, that’s different)