Question about LLC location

I am trying to decide where to register my LLC. My business will be a home business in Cincinnati Ohio, which borders Northern Kentucky. I am thinking of filing for my LLC to be registered in KY. ( I understand I will still have to pay the Ohio fee to do business in Ohio). The reasons for this decision:

  1. Kentucky business law is a lot easier to understand, it is written so that a fairly intelligent person can understand exactly what is going on. Ohio on the other hand will most likely require legal counsel.

  2. I will be able to take advantage of the Northern Ky. small business development agencies, which have a whole lot less red tape than Ohio.

Are these good enough reasons to register an LLC in another state besides of the state in which the business is located or are their some hidden problems that I may encounter by doing so?

What does the business do in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky, respectively.

John Hyre

My biz will be a real estate investment biz.