Question about learning languages

This might be somewhat off topic, but since you guys are really into buisness I thought it would be a good question for you guys.

As we all know, China is on the rise. I guess you could say they are hitting their industrial revolution. My family, as many other people think, that China is going to be a money-making country very soon.

Im just wondering on how you guys feel about learning a new language to do buisness with the Chinese. I could communicate with them, which would allow me to do buisness deals, and in China, there might be plenty of them to savvy investory here in the future.


(I understand this is off topic, but I would appreciate if I could get a little feedback before this thread is deleted)

There is only one language you need to learn… The language of MONEY… It is mazing how no matter what you speak it is univeral…

Being able to speak and read Chinese would be a very valuable skill.

There are alot of non Chinese parents sending their kids to bilingual Chinese schools.

Because heres the thing. Im still in Highschool, and I have ALOT of spare time. Ive been reading alot of Real Estate books, however, I still have spare time. So you guys think it would be a good thing to try to pick up? With China being a huge player in the world market, and will even increase soon, I could see it being a big advantage.

I know some Spanish, but come on, who cares. Mexico is poor, and Spanish is pointless.


English is still the international language of business and always will be. All the Chinese businessmen that have power learn english or have a translator till they become fluent. Your better off learning spanish and portugese. First off ,you may decide to come to SoFl one day where in Miami more spanish is spoken then english and well portuguese but the brazilian woman are :shocked SO DAMN HOT!!! :shocked

I bet you did not know there are tons of americans going to various countries through the world to teach english and get paid good for it. I have a friend that is living in Maylasia now, earning around $6000 USD a month, another recently went to Korea where they earn about $5000 USD a month and have expenses of less than $500 USD a month. They plan to do it for 1 yr and come back with at last 40K in savings or more…

Another ex girlfriend of mine went to Honduras several yrs ago for 2 yrs to teach english. She saved close to $70,000 in 2 yrs, and got to travel and had 4 months of vacation time. Came back and opened a business with the cash and a downpayment on a condo.

Dang YRUSH. No I didnt no that. I could see myself doing that for a year right after Highschool. Do you have to be certified for people to pay you like that? My English is alright I guess. The paragraphs im typing right now are read-able. Seems like that would be good enough for somebody trying to learn.

There are at least two different certificates. Some countries prefer one or the other. Do a search. And don’t neglect Spanish. There’s alot more poor people in China it’s just that we don’t see them because we don’t share a border