Question about how to do sub 2, or just get away from a prop

I have a property that is currently rented for $1000 a month. I owe $138,000 on it, and it has appraised for $179,000. I used to get $1250 a month in rent, but I now live in another state, and just wanted someone in it to make the payment. Anyways, I desperately want to get rid of this property. What creative financing options can I offer another investor to take it over? Basically, how can I get rid of it? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Do a short sale to me at a purchase price of $100k.

That should take care of it. :deal

Where are you located?

is your tenant interested in buying? you could give some discount or minimal down payment for incentive. most people renting would like
to own, but dont have the down payment. you could even take no
down & raise payments to 1,300 /month with a 2 year ballon
& no, or minimal monthly credit(because you didn’t require a down).
this assumes you dont need your money right now . there are a lot of options open to you , without selling at a huge discount.
you could sell at the discount if you need money now. where are you located?do you need to get rid of this property because of financial or
it’s a headache , reasons? where is your property? if i can help please email me to discuss your problem. your tenant /buyer would also be responsible for upkeep up to 200.00/month