Question About Googles Adwords

How many of you use Googles Adwords? And what is the best one to use -Starter Edition or Standard and why. I’ve been using the Starter Edition with great results and I want to upgrade to the Standard Edition but it says that you cannot go back to the Starter Edition. :banghead

i use it for about 60k per mo in a diff. biz… standard for better… analytics/conversion etc… no reason to stay with starter. go get em!

I started with the starter, but quickly moved to the standard.


Thanks to your advice my CTR has increased dramatically. I am now seeing similar results to what you are experiencing. Thanks.
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I’m glad :slight_smile: hopefully they will turn into deals

I’ve gotten 2 under contract so far.

1 flaked out - had buyers but she never returned my phone calls. Weird.

The second is still in the works.

Unfortunately for me, I am in Cleveland so I get a ton of responses from people who have houses in war zones. I really am not interested in touching those.

I also went with the Standard setup for Google Adwords. I have been working with it for a little while now with mediocre results.

One thing to keep in mind though is when using AdWords, make sure to simultaneously run 2+ ads at the same time. Then after you get 50+ clicks, check which one is converting better and then redo the other one. Then just rinse and repeat to help slowly increase your conversion rates.

I try to birddog those I don’t want to other investors, or realtors. Not much success, but it keeps me in constant contact with them and they appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’ve tried that on a few but nobody, and I mean nobody, is investing in inner city Cleveland :guns. Then again, maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. :grim

I would recommend “rotational marketing” instead. More of an automated option, if we are talkin landing pages. If youre talkin about the line ads, then there are many preferences/settings to use that assist by showing better preforming ads. Have you spoke with a “googler”? The number’s hard to find. Here it is in case you dont’ have … 866-246-6453. I don’t know if you have a form on your landing page or not… if so, it’s probably good idea to have conversion tracking as well as analytics on the pages. Are you doing regional (specific states) at specific times … separate campaigns and or ad groups… pretty endless. Some people even outsource to outside firms… I dont.

i use adwords and don’t have one idea what starter or standard is. can someone explain?