Question about finding Comparables

I know that you can network with real estate agents to find comparables for properites. Is there any other method that can be used to find comparables without the use of a Real Estate Agent. If I use an agent what kind of fee am I looking at. Lastly, when you submit the short sale packet to the bank, how many comparables should you include. Sorry for all the questions, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.

there is no fee for getting comps from a realtor. there should be! i’d be rich!

TMCG is right, there is usually not a fee to get comps from Realtors. That being said, it’s sometime hard to get timely help from one until you build a working relationship. Maybe you could offer a fee to see if it helps.

You could also look at a site like It costs to use it, but it’s a good alternative to someone who wants access themselves at anytime.

No Fee?! If you’re an agent and you’re not charging for doing comps from someone that is NOT your client, then that’s your own fault.

A charge for comps really depends on exactly what you’re looking for in comps. IF you are just wanting an agent to pull some sales from within the area and you’ll do the math, then that’ll be much cheaper than a full blown BPO report where they get more detailed.

And if the agent doesn’t give you a price, offer to pay for it. What you’ll likely get from new agents is “I’ll do it if you list/buy with me.” That’s great, but it won’t get you fast service, and you’ll either have to commit to that or soon (VERY SOON) you’ll develop a bad rep among agents for not following through. Neither is a good option.

If you pay, then it will get done (or should) fast, not simply when they have time to do it.