question about conventional mortgages

I was just wondering that on a conventional mortgage is it legal and ethical for the realtor to tell after the closing that the buyer is required to purchase the heating oil the seller just put in before the sale was closed

Howdy Pumpinironmd:

Kind of bad timing for the Realtor to insist that you pay for the oil. It should have been brought up at the closing table. You are not required by law to pay for the fuel and it is not unethical for the seller and Realtor to ask you to pay for it.

The nice thing to do is to buy the oil from the seller. Most sellers would only add a few gallons to get by with or do without until the closing. They did the nice thing and saved you from running out on a cold night perhaps. Twice I have run out of propane cooking Christmas diner or Thanksgiving turkey. What a drag.

What did you do?