Question about buying with cash in NY

I am not sure who or where to ask this question without raising red flags.

I have a bid in on a house (bank owned) and they want proof of funds. I want to pay cash, 30.000. I have the cash in a safety deposit box.

How can i get proof of funds with out depositing it into one of my bank accounts?

Can i take cash to a bank and get a blank bank check for the amount i want? Do they then have to report this transaction to the IRS?

Has anyone done anything like this before or know some rules i might want to be aware of? Thanks in advance.

Maybe just try giving them 2 or 3k earnest money. I think they would know you have the funds then.

Hello, Look into placing the money into an escrow account with a title company. Since you are purchasing a home. Then the title company can confirm the funds to the bank.