Qucik cash for beginners

for a beginner what would be the best way to earn some cash to show banks you have cash,pay off some bills,etc. I want to invest in property and at the moment i am working on my credit but i still need cash to do a little more. you all know a regular job just doesnt cut it. any sugg. thank you everyone

Quick cash? Rob a bank…

Your question has no basis for us. How bad is your credit? Do you have any cash?

Based on this question - which, BTW, gets asked here dozens of times a month, probably your best bet will be bird dogging or wholesaling…

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sorry bout that. well credit is in the high 400, horrible i know. i got about a 1000 cash. and i havent studied a lot on Bird dogging but im going to do my homework thanks

I think you’ll need at LEAST 2yrs. to get your score up to mid to high 600. I suggest you use that time to study REI and work on generating a lot of cash via second job, birdogging, etc. Before you do any REI, you need to make sure you’ve corrected the behavior that caused your bad credit in the first place. Cashflow management will play a HUGE part in financial success whether you invest in RE or not.

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