Quality Property Management

Hi I’m in the process of buying a few homes in Florida and was wondering if anyone here could tell me how to find a good property management company. I will be buying homes in the orlando area since that’s where I will be living later this year. In the mean time I would like to get in touch with a good reliable company to manage any properties that I buy. Thanks in advance.

What kind of properties are you buying SFH, condos?

How are their prices comparing to TX, AZ?

I’m buying SFH not sure on prices haven’t really looked at TX or AZ.

Well, this is simply my opinion. I’d try to find an individual rather than a property management company. First, because I think the cost would be more reasonable. Second, because I’ve had and heard of nothing but messes with companies.

Are the properties you’ll be buying currently rented? What I’m getting at is there may be an existing tenant who would be willing to do the management for a reduction in rent, etc. We have that arrangement and it works very well. I’m kept well-informed about what’s going on and there are no surprises.

I’ve found with mgt. companies they don’t care what repairs cost or the quality of workmanship. And in my experience the tenants are happier dealing with an individual than a mgt. company, too.

Just my 2 cents.

That makes sense althought the properties are not rented yet. I will keep that in mind and ask the new tennants if their up for that.