Q's for title company doing Sub2

What would be some questions I should ask a title company for Sub2 closings? I want to do a few through a title company first, before doing my own, but I want to make sure I cover the bases with them beforehand so as not to have any surprises at closing. I’ve heard some title companies are hesitant about doing Sub2’s, so I guess that would be the first question. I’d also lke to know what documents they need from me (and the seller), so that’d be another question as would be their fees for closing and title work. Anything else? Thanks!

title co’s have issues thinking outside the box, like most lenders. i have been advised to use an attorney for s2’s in TX due to the wrap and the new L/O, CFD rules. i am (more than likely down the street from u) in Hutto and plan on using an attorney. i am just starting my marketing so all of Williamson County is off limits. GOT IT?!?! LOL (just kidding) most title co’s want u to purchase title insurance too. if u do ur own title search and get the title chain, u should be in good shape as to where u stand; a go or no-go if u will.

u have to find an attorney that handles s2’s, but 1st u must find one that even know’s what one it. i was surprised to learn some attorney’s think inside the box too. just call around. they should be handling all of ur paperwork too in TX becuz of the laws here.

Thanks for the info, Tony. BTW, send me an email sometime as I always run across properties that don’t meet my criteria, but you may like. I always look at fellow local investors as a comodity rather than competition. :wink: