Qestion for the pros

I have a short sale approved by the bank at 155k. House looks to have a resale value around 300K. I would like to wholesale this off to a more seasoned investor.
I’m not sure how to protect my interest and get paid. This is in riverside , CA. I have someone who is interested what should my next step be. Thank you for any advice.

buy the property at your short sale price. Then sell to your other buyer at your wholesale price. Nice and clean. No shenanigans needed.

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thank you for the response. Maybe I didn’t mention I don’t have the money to buy the property. Is there a way for me to wholesale this deal? If so, can I do it without being burned?

Yes, there is a way to do it…

Do you have qualified end buyers ready to go? If so, at what price?

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I plan on wholesaling this out to another investor. I assume (big word) I will have a qualified buyer at 15-20K above my price. Does that sound fair?

Short Sale Price = $160,000 ($5k for CC)
FMV = $300,000
Wholesale to investor = $199,999
Equity Left in Property = $100,001

Short Sale Profit = $39,999

50% to Short Sale Funding Partner = $19,999
50% to Short Sale Negotiator (you) = $20,000

Is / Can the information above [be] accurate?

Project Stipulations:

  • proof of short sale approval at $155,000. Closing Costs not to exceed $5,000.
  • Verifiable Proof of funds for end buyer.
  • All closing docs completed & ready for close (PA, Disclosures, Title, ETC.)
  • 2.5% escrow deposit from end buyer
  • Must use OUR title / escrow company

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