Q.. which is best/ more profitable buying pre forclosure or at Auction?

I am looking to invest in my first forclosure (Massachusetts) I have read a few books on the subject and now feel confident to start looking, would my honerable peers in this chat room recommend I start looking at auction or try to get a better deal direct from the home owner?
I’d be interested to know which you regagrd as the most profitable
Many thanks James

Hi james,
by far reading and listening to audios of others. It is better to get it before the auction. Once the auction happens, then typically the bank wont talk to you. You have to deal with the realtor. The more experienced members of this forum can explain that. I found the ideal mentor for me, wil find out how his seminars and bootcamps will turn out for me.
good luck

nice of you to help thanks Steve

no problem, i try to share what I learn. Of course I know more about tax liens than rei… But like anything takes doing as well as learning to get anywhere.