Putting up my bandit signs

Who would be best to consult to do this? i need to put mine up within the next few days. Are fellow investors putting them up themselves? i appreciate the input as always. Cheers to all as we are in this together.

Some i put up myself and others i pay someone else to put up

See local newspaper. You will find many adds about bandit sign posting service.

All you have to do is post an ad on craigslist or in the newspaper. Some college kid will respond to it. I pay $1 a sign and I did a map-quest of the locations where I want the signs posted. After they say they are done I will go out and check a few locations and as long as their still there I will go ahead and pay the person.

i’m putting them up this week myself

please make sure that you take the time to find out what the local sung ordinances are. Fines for getting caught can range from $50 per sign up to $500 or more (ask me how I know this).

Don’t use your personal phone number on the sign and if using a website, make sure to remove anything on it that indicates your locations, as the sign police can trace you and bring you a ticket.

I do mines late Friday Nights or early Saturday Morning.


How many times have you put your signs out? You’ve never had one yanked? Any fines?


Good tips!!

I put my signs out myself. Friday evening and pull them up Sunday night unless it’s a three day weekend :biggrin

Give or take, I would say about 15 to 18 times. I freaking LOVE BANDIT SIGNS!!
Oh yeah, my signs get taken down all the time. It’s just apart of the process. I’ve never been fined. I’m not ghetto with how I put my signs out. I don’t flood one area with my signs. That will get them pissed. 'm very careful with how I place them out. Code Enforcement just pick them up and throw them in their truck and move on down the road. My signs have my prepaid cell number on them. So unless code enforcement catches actually putting them out, the odd of be getting fined are nill and none. I tell people all the time to never ever ever use their personal house or business phone. Cellphone or voice mail, Prepaid cells are the best. No monthly bills mean no billing address in which code enforcement can get a hold of. :beer