puting together the short sale package

how do you get the proper forms/docs,to put together the short sale package. :banghead

Some lenders have the details on their web site. Most ask for the same type of things. You definitely need to be organized with the paperwork and make sure you send it all at once rather than in different pieces. The more together and professional your offer, the better.

You can usually call the lender and ask for their ‘short sale package’. They’ll know what your talking about. If they dont have a ‘package’, they’ll usually just tell you what information you need to submit.

Most common documents required for short sale offer submition: (the short sale pkg)

  1. ____ W-2 or 1099 for past 2 years

  2. ____ 2 most recent bank statements – Checking and Savings

  3. ____ Any letters received dealing with the Foreclosure, including advertisements

  4. ____ Financial Statement – Include any assets and all debts and collections letters from other creditors, if any.

  5. ____ Past 2 months of Income Statements (pay stubs)

  6. ____ Medical Bills – if applicable

  7. ____ Divorce Decree – if applicable

  8. ____ Hardship Letter

  9. ____ *Authorization to Release Information (Notarization – optional)
    10.____ *Power of Attorney (Notarization – optional, but good idea)
    11.____ *Real Estate Disclosure
    12.____ HUD 1
    13.____ *Purchase Agreement
    14.____ *Listing Agreement
    15.____ *Escrow Letter

Hope this helps!

GooD Luck! :beer

  • This list is in no particular order. Once I have all of these documents I put them in a different order for the final pkg submit.