Put your thinking caps on for me plz......

Bought a repoed mobile home a week ago. The ex owner still owns the land. He owes 2400 in taxes. I really screwed up by taking the finance company’s word on the taxes being paid. I can’t move the home until the taxes are paid. No tax sale on lot because they are garnishing his wages, but at a rate that will take many years before they are paid up. He has one loan against the property, which is current.

I want the property, it is worth considerable more than the balance of his loan and taxes. I can rent the lot after the resale of the home for a good profit. He will not sell the lot to me and seems to understand he has me in a corner and is content to leave me here. Note holder will not sell the note to me either.

I need to get this guys property or figure out a way to get the deadbeat to pay his taxes.

I have two ideas, and would love to hear anything creative to get out of this situation.

1st idea: Pay off his taxes, put a lien against the property, then foreclose on the lien, pay off the 1st note holder and own the property. Not sure if this is possible here in NC.

2nd idea: Fight the garnishment for him (without his knowledge) by sending a few strongly worded legal letters to the county stating the garnishment is not allowed by state law here. There is a garnishment exemption in this state that says if 100% of wages are needed for living costs, you cannot garnish. If the county stops the garnishment, hopefully this will trigger a tax sale and at least get him off the deed. I’m guessing then it would be between me and the note holder for the property after that. I can’t imagine anyone else wanting this lot otherwise. This method is probably not legal, as I have would have to sign his name on this letter. Or maybe just leave the signature off?

I need better ideas, I don’t want to pay his taxes.

I would get a real estate lawyer to look into a couple things - it will cost a few hundred dollars - but they likely will be able to figure out a decent approach. A couple ideas that are possible, but will depend on local laws and exact circumstances:

  1. Some states figure the tax seperately for the land and MH. if they do, then it may be possible to pay the taxes for the MH portion, and get the MH released from the land taxes so you can move it.

  2. If you bought a repo-ed MH then if you pay the taxes - you can move it without permission from the owner.

  3. Go to the bank and get out a bunch of cash - $5,000 or so in $10s and $20s. Meet with the owner and tell him that you are willing to cut a deal. Open the bag and show him the money. Tell him it is a downpayment/deposit and it is his if he is willing to sell the land now, with the remainder due in 5 days. Many times - when people see a big pile of cash on their kitchen table, their eyes get big and they can’t say no.