Put On Blinders!

I’ve been through a number of forums today and there seems to be a lot of “doom and gloom” out there relative to REI in general and wholesaling in particular. My take on all of this is that Fundamentals work and Stay Focused. I’m putting on my “blinders” and not allowing all the negativity to affect my activity or attitude. Wholesaling properties is my main activity and I only see positives in that people who do not want these properties will want them even less when they probably need to cash them out more than ever now and on the other side other investors/rehabbers are always looking for great deals. It’s always about the “numbers”! 2009 is going to be a great year for Real Estate Investors who “Put on Blinders and Stay Focused!”

I could not agree more…If there is one person in your market making money with real estate then you can too…And if there isn’t anyone making any money selling real estate then that’s even better, because you will own the market.

If things are tight buy deeper and sell cheaper.

Good luck

I don’t understand why is everyone so negative about it!

This is how I look at it: When you go shopping, do you like buying things on sale?

Of COURSE the answer is YES. Well, EVERYTHING is on sale right now! I LOVE buying houses, and guess what, houses are on SALE like a going out of business sale right now! I am buying whatever deals I can get my hands on! If you’re really worried about the market, buy BETTER.

Amen to that.