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Need some input here. About a year ago I got a phone call from a company trying to sell me real estate notes. She made the deals sound incredibly great and told me I could pick up rehabs for pennies on the dollar. Not being a complete idiot I told her to shoot me some addresses and I would first take a look at the properties they had in my area. Needless to say they were all ghetto houses that needed more work than they were worth brand new. One actually looked like it was leaning.

Has anybody here had success buying real estate notes from these or other companies? If so how do you get them to let you in on potential money makers instead of these piece of crap? I have my system down that works for us but was trying to keep my mind open to everything.

Good Afternoon Jared,
This is Ray, managing member with Purpose Investments. I don’t have you in my database and am not sure if I ever offered notes to you. We have a form to fill out, allowing you the opportunity to tell us exactly what type of property or notes you want. As far as how you get the best deal, that is up to you and your negotiating. I wouldn’t want to waste your time offering you properties that are not within your business model. I look forward to hearing from you, what area of Indiana you prefer to invest and what type of notes you like to purchase.