Purchasing vacant lot FSBO Basics

I want to purchase a vacant lot that is FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Can any one out there tell me what’s the process for buying this lot. Is it a matter of contacting a title company and that’s it? Please help. I want to go through this, but I need some education. Everything that I have found online has been. “Tips on purchasing a lot”… etc. but none explain the process.

Should I write a contract…??? Who contacts the title company (seller or buyer)?



i would prepare an offer but only after i contact the title company to be sure the title is marketable. but why the title company?, you can look most public records up at the county courthouse register of deeds.
also a call to the county tax office is a good idea so you may know the assessed tax value beforedealing with the seller.
the point being, you already should know what the property is worth and what appurtenances and encumberances it may have if any.

as for your question, most of the time just ask yourself who benifits from the title company? you do therefore you need to contact them.

A good title company will guide you through this and acts in many of the capacities an agent would. Tell them you are new to FSBO and need some help.
I would personally recommend calling the seller right away though. Prepare a list of questions you wnat to know about the property beforehand. He/she may save you a lot of time. Remembering that the seller may not be 100% honest (or at least has a bias to ‘marketing’ the lot), but, just like buying a used car in private sale, you can get a lot of very useful info to help decide if it is worht your time taking next step of engaging title co, digging through public records, etc.