Purchasing Techniques for Financing Fix-up Costs

I have an agreement with a seller to purchase 5 lots (3 developed) for around 300k. My lender says it can be broken down into two purchases. 1) A house and a vacant lot. 2) two duplexes and a vacant lot. The house and the duplexes need quite a bit of work (kitchen/bath upgrades and new roofs very soon), but are all currently rented and I’ll have a slight positive cash flow going in. However, I want to fix up the house and duplexes, plus I want to move two more duplexes on to the two vacant lots (city says this is okay). I could do the fix-up/moving with my own money and refinance, but I’m thinking there must be better way which doesn’t tie up my money. I’m a bit familiar with techniques such as increasing the sales price and having the seller give cash back in escrow for fix-up, but it seems there are limits to this - the lender won’t appraise a $300k property at $400k. Would appreciate any ideas on ways to purchase so I can use OPM to do the fix-up. Thanks. Bob

one answer go with a contruction loan that alows new construction and rehab construction.