Purchasing Stock

What’s the easiest and cheapest way to purchase stock from the convenience of your home?


Online brokers. I haven’t done any trading in a while so I can’t tell you which one is best at this point in regards to fees and features. I’m sure someone else can weigh in on that.


Excellent service AND they have branches all over the country. If I have a problem I want to be able to get in my car and talk to a HUMAN face to face at an office somewhere, not “Johnny” the Indian call center guy who works in Bopal India.

E-trade is facing bankruptcy, so I’d stay away.

Thanks very much.

I’ve always liked ScottTrade’s advertising.



Not the stock question again

Not to worry, we’re not back on another stock topic. He’s just wondering about brokerage options.

I have been using Charles Schwab for years. You can trade in your account either online or with an application you can load on your computer. Internet access is required in either case.

I use Merrill Lynch. Even though its a little more costly it makes me that much unlikely to move in and out of trades. For some reason I never really felt comfortable trading online or putting money into my account through the internet so I buy all my stocks over the phone.

I use Ameritrade, although if I were opening a new account I would definitely check out ScottTrade first. I believe they are about $3 cheaper per trade. However, Ameritrade offers very good service, especially if your an Apex member (meaning that you trade a lot).