Purchasing property without an agent

How effective are posting signs such as “I buy houses”, and when you have a prospect and offer to buy the house, how do you go about the proper paperwork without using an agent? Do you use a real estate lawyer to draw up the contracts? Thanks for any advice!

I personally do all my own contracts on the other hand I have been doing this awhile so I would say have a attorney do the first couple from there do it yourself and have him/her overlook them after a few you should be able to do them yourself! It is always a good idea to have a attorney on retainer to CYA! If you know what i’m saying!!!

Thanks REO. But is it just a matter of exchanging the cash and the title? I guess after all the rigamarole of purchasing a house the normal way, it just seems too easy.

What state are you in? your still going to use a title company right?

I’m in CA but trying to purchase in Wisconsin (have family there). I’m still researching the pieces of the puzzle. I have tried to use an agent, but I’m looking for a lower priced property, and agents don’t seem very excited to work with me because they aren’t making a lot of commission and I’m out of state. So I’m attempting to do it on my own (THanks to the encouragement of all the brave souls in this chat room)

FSBO is easy enough. I often use preprinted forms for sale agreements they usually cover basics (Plenty of free forms via net). There are lots of good fSBo sites too. Several easy reads on going w/o an agent-I do it.

good luck, Ed