purchase process for dummies

What is the cost associatied for putting a sfr under contract (earnest money,title search,inspections,appraisals,etc)and is all of this paid for at one time or as needed?also if I just plan on a flip or birdogging how much of this process is needed ??? thanks for the expination , feel free to expound. I know that this is a siple question to the experienced but still needed info for those of us on the sidelines. We really want to help the economic growth but are afraid to ask for fear of the unknown . Some of us are still unsure of the whole escrow stuff and who handles it . Please someone with patience and compation for us dummies enlighten. Remember there are no stupid questions. May God Bless

Every deal is unique, so costs will vary.

Now I’ll step away from the keyboard, and let somebody with more experience expand on this. ;D