Purchase Contract, Hard money funds, and double close.

It seems that even if hard money is in place for a double close, it may still be denied when reviewed by the end buyer bank. Is this true? Can anyone point me to some kind of useful information other than “coldcall a lot of mortgage companies/banks, and ask if they’ll allow you to walk away from a deal with tens of thousands of their dollars in hand as profit!” kind of response?

How about a list of actual banks that don’t balk at double closings with an investor profiting in Florida.

How about a list of title companies in Florida that likewise are savvy in investor-based double closings. Anyone? Anyone?

Need more understanding here to give a good or better answer

You have bought the property with hard money or are buying with ?

You have a buyer from you with in less time then most banks would like you to have the property in your name ?

There really is to much information left out of your post for any one as i said to give you a good answer to the post

The end buyers lender is looking at the pre to determine the person on title… Which on a flip is not you… FHA wont lend within 90 days of deed transfer however many lenders will… Especially an equity lender or hard money lender.

If one balks at your transaction because you’re making money write a letter to them regarding what you have done to earn the money and why the seller was willing to sell to you in the first place…

Remembering window cleaning is also repairing the windows…

Should not be an issue…

As for which title companies… Most all will do concurrent closes… Just call the “I Buy Houses” ads in your local newspaper and ask the investor who they use for title… Most people will still everything to you…Especially if you take the role of Seller.