I’ve seen 3-6 page purchase agreements (I don’t think that is always necessary). I need a single page purchase agreement for residential real estate. Please post a link to download or print if you have one. Very much appreciated to all that help… ;D

just tell the Seller to meet you at the courthouse with his deal and you’ll bring cash. The ultimate paperless transaction. ;D

What state are you in? The local real estate board typically carries those forms and you can usually buy them. There’s a reason that those forms are 3-6 pages. There’s probably some case law behind each section. Attorneys around here typically add a few pages worth of addendums to each P&S agreement so the total contract is about 14-16 pages.

Lots of that stuff in there is to protect both the buyer and seller. The one I cite a lot is the clean broom swept condition clause, you wouldn’t believe how messy some homes that sell are. Having it all spelled out means there’s no disagreements afterwards.