Pulling Probate Leads

I am wanting to get probate leads and find that the companies offering them are way to expensive ie 25 leads for $150…when I can buy absantee leads for 25 cents a lead. So I am wanting to go to the courthouse to get the leads, what exactly do I ask for and what exactly am I looking for, and who do I mail my “yellow letter” to.

I think thats a pretty good price. Consider this when you go through the process of locating probate leads at the court house it can be an adventure and not in the good way. I know that i tried here in my state and i got the run around for two days. I dont know about most people but i feel that my time is extremely valuable. Or you can look at it like this, how much is a good lead truly worth? So out of 25 leads you get 1 offer accepted, was 150 too much to pay for the leads? To make money you have to spend money most of the time. I think its a small price to pay


I work probate leads from my local surrogate’s office from time to time. The records are computerized but not online in my area so you MUST go to the surrogate’s office to use their computer system. I simply look through each record for deaths in my target areas. When I find a recent decedent that matches my criteria (owns a house in my target areas) I review the will (also computerized but not online) and get the address of the executor AND the heirs. I send a letter to the executor as well as any heirs that share in the property.

so is that the name of the office in any state? I was givin the run around between tax office and the register of deeds.

Surrogate’s office, recorder of wills, probate office ??? In NJ they are located at the county government offices.