Pulling and Reporting Credit for a Land Contract

Hello, all!

How do you go about pulling a potential buyer’s credit reports? Real estate agent or office much like for a rental application?

Also, are you able to report to the different agencies? I know a lot of folks seeking owner financing do so b/c their credit is weak. If they make payments on time, they should be rewarded for doing so. The opposite is also true… I’m just curious how to do this if it is even possible.

Thanks!!! :biggrin

There are some companies that report rental payments to certain bureaus but receipts of payment and a company of the lease to determine payment date should do.

The receipts will show the dates the tenant made payments.

http://www.rentpayment.com/rp/Products/Landlord/ is place that can process payments and will store their information online for easy retrieval. Plus using a third party company to accept payments is the best way to prove a tenants timely payment since a 3rd party doesn’t look tainted.