Publishing a small book

Hire an editor first to make sure it is professional.

You could go to a self-pub company and do it. Many have marketing plans. Google for those. You can also hit your local bookstore and pick up a copy of The Writers Digest or The Writer magazine. Both of these will have ads for self publishing avenues. Do your research.

If it was really solid and professionally done, you could shop it to an agent and try to get a publishing house to pick it up. If it is not unique (IE how to get homes for 0 down) and the author is not known or lacks connections, it probably won’t go anywhere. If it is non-fiction, semi-rare, and currently topical, it has a shot.

Just remember that you don’t make the book sales price as profit. You will be given a royalty on sales most likely (IE $1 per book sold). Of course, you don’t need to spend a fortune marketing it and you can make a little more and it can lead to other books.

Self-publishing houses are generally a rip. It is awfully hard to get on at a reputable publisher. If you know somebody famous, someone who is already an author, or enough people with credentials in whatever you are writing about to give a testimonial about how great the book is a reputable publishing company might give it a shot. A small private label type publisher might also. If it is fiction yuu might be SOL unless it is really, really good.

To get it on Amazon or B/N, you will have to get an ISBN number. This is so it can be cataloged. Publishing houses buy them by the thousands but anyone can buy them themselves. The problem is they only sell them in lots of 10 or 20.

I don’t know the internal workings of buying them. You’d have to research that yourself. If your friend is serious, I might be able to get one from a friend who has published books and has them on Amazon. It would be a few hundred dollars for one which might be worth it just to avoid the hassles of learning how to get one.

On the other hand, there is no telling how much money you would make if you got it on to Amazon.

I have a friend in thailand who writes fiction. He couldn’t get a publisher so he self published. He really self published. He went to a printer and had the books made and took them around to various book stores on consignment. His works eventually caught on and he has been called “The Hemmingway of Asia” by the Bangkok Post, the largest english speaking newspaper in Thailand.

What is the book about? I just got one done!! every publisher handles different subjects!So I have personally done a ton of research on this subject!

My brother writes his own comic books. He has published a bound series under the “Gutwallow” name.

The Thailand connection is Christopher Moore. His website is I was too liberal in calling him a friend. He responded to me when I had several inquiries about getting my own fiction work published. I have never met him.