Publicity - Does PR/Getting Quoted Help?

Your help with a little research I’m doing for an offering I’m considering for my PR business is appreciated.

In commercial real estate, does press coverage or getting quoted as an industry expert help build your credibility and bring in new business? If yes, is national coverage as good as local? Do people in your industry actively seek this kind of converage?

Thanks in advance!

Of course this is a common sense type of thing, but yes national coverage is better than local coverage and both can help build credibility with both sellers, buyers, and lenders.

i feel very strongly about pr as a real estate investor

i think that more investors should invest in marketing and image building to become a trusted advisor to those with real estate needs

so often it seems that investors I know want to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye, however in my opinion that festers (sp?) rumors and mistrust, which none of us need

I think ideas such as contributing real estate knowledge to publications, local or not, public speaking about real estate (if you are able and willing to speak publicly) and teaching others, either through mentoring or through classes are all great avenues of pr

finally, i think good pr can be created in our business by arranging for non-profit groups to obtain distressed properties that you find (and dont want to work on yourself) can create good pr.

it might add some credibility to your business, but I woudn’t expect 1,000s phone calls the day the newspaper was printed… You can also use it for your credibility kit/marketing materials.