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Hey everyone,

Question: What does “Tax Return” mean as a mode of title transfer in a public record?

I’ve run across a woman who is selling her investment properties – at a premium, I think the quote was, “They can fall down before I go below my asking price.” LOL and they may at her prices. Anyway, each of her properties was transferred to her in the public records with the words “Tax Return” and there is no dollar amount listed. I have run across this before, but this has piqued my interest now.

Any insight, I would appreciate. Thank you!

That is a new one on me!

The only thing I can think of is maybe they bought them on a tax lien and they got returned to the county so its a tax return?

I do not know what state is this in?

Perhaps they were a donation to a charitable organization or a gift…???


Sorry should have mentioned the state: Georgia.

Here it what it looks like:


All the Tax Return title transfers have a zero dollar and all are court ordered, regardless of the name.

And, Keith, I talked to her – she’s no charitable gal LOL :slight_smile: I know you didn’t mean this – but I couldn’t resist.

reoconsultants, could be a tax lien situation. This has me stumped a bit.

Thanks guys!