Public records and wholesaling

I have been told one of the best ways to locate property in foreclosure is through your county courthouse(public records). Now when i pull up all the info on the foreclosed homes for a particular month i see all the listings, but NO contact phone number, except the Trustee. How do i approach the trustee? Also Do i negotiate a lower price on a deal with that person? Also i know there a time limit that the trustee will have the property before auctioned off.
I have a list from a local title company , where the owner puts this info together, and sell s to investors like myself. It has all info except the the buyers contact info. So how do i approach contacting the trustee (lawyer)??
Also the list he provides, gives me only 21days before the property is to be auctioned off…can i extend that time frame if i make a offer to the trustee, or do i ONLY have the 21 days till auction??
I really do appreciate all that help in this!


You need to work with the owner of the property, not the Trustee. I don’t think you will get anywhere with that approach. Depending on the state, 21 days notice is not unusual. That’s when the information becomes public record. Doesn’t give you much time, but you the goal is to get the owner being foreclosued on to let you try and help them out. That’s the only way I’ve seen it work. The time frame is also the reason some people resort to door knocking.

Lets say i get a owner that wants to set up a contract with me within that 21 days…can i delay the auction?
How long do i have? Will that determine on the bank? Or will it determine on contract that we signed?