Public Payphone on Property

Hello all,

There are two non-working (no dial tones) payphones on the property.
The new landowner wants to remove those payphones.

Will there be any legal (in terms of existing contract) problems or is the payphone company obligated to remove the payphones?

Thank you in advance.

Generally, if the new owner wants them out, the service provider should remove them…the contract would have been between the service provider and the previous owner.

Does he understand that they can actually generate revenue for him?

Is there maybe a better place for them?


I appreciate the response kdhastedt, I think I’ll let him know that he (or I) should contact the phone provider and ask them to change the property owner information.

Therefore, the revenue that it generates will be forwarded to the new owner’s address.
Thank you.

Well, he may have to sign a new contract…he should be able to get a percentage of the coin and a percentage of the credit card/calling card take.