Psychotic Bird dog from Hell

I had a bird dog a while back name of John L, he sent me some addresses starting a few years ago. He’s in a city 2 hrs South of me. I sent all his addresses in and got the names of the sellers. I sent our letters but got no deals going. Recently he sends me an email saying hey Randy this is John L, you remember me. He’s claiming I am in violation of the law bcuz I have no Realtors license and no business license and I owe him $6,000 for the time he spent looking for addresses for me.
I tried to explain to him that Investors don’t need a RE License and he was working on a commission and only got paid if I flipped one of the houses he found. Then he comes back saying I’m a Moron and an idiot.
This really infuriated him. He is copying and pasting my success stories from this site and endless rules and laws of Realtors and businesses etc…
I really pissed him off when I told him he was a quitter and a loser unless he got out there and found us some deals. Holy crap, now he’s calling my wife a mail order Korean and my kids half breeds lots of personal attacks on my character and appearance, and the scary part is I seen him walking past my house smiling. He claims to be a 58 yr old retiree with a 60K annual pension and was only bird dogging cuz he was bored, he’s really bored now. I did mention to him that he shud get a hobby and some friends and quit drinking and smoking and to get a life.
I just got a letter in them mail from a lawyer saying he noticed a claim has been filed with the Labor commission and wanting to represent me in the upcoming hearing.
I don’t think I have anything to worry about legally because my ads for bird dogs clearly state I pay a commission.
Now I’m thinking I shud get a mail box and stop using my home address on my stuff.,
I’m sure there is an upcoming hearing with the CA Labor Board. I may need a restraining order also.
My Guru mentor Ron Legrand says “If you haven’t been sued your not doing something right”
I can see how LLC’s and Land Trusts can be beneficial.
I’m gonna try not to worry to much about this psycho, I got more deals to do.
Let’s make some MONEY…

Wow. It’s so true, that if you haven’t been hung-up legally by some crackpot, you haven’t been in the business long enough.

True …you should NEVER put your home address out there.

I knew that before, but got sloppy and had to learn it all over again, after my house was robbed and vandalized by a disgruntled ‘former’ manager. I can barely imagine the problems, if/when any number of disgruntled tenants, that I’ve evicted from my various buildings, discovered where I lived. Pffft.

However, psychos will be psychos. You can only do so much to protect yourself. Fortunately, most don’t exhibit the energy of a Mr. John L.

Do you know where ‘psycho bird dog’ lives?

I’m feeling your pain.

Holy crap Javipa, having this guy rob ur house and vandalize it is much worse than a psycho filing a bogus Labor claim. And this was a guy you knew and worked with personally. That’s scary.
I am seriously awaiting your book.
The Psycho BD did give me an address to mail the money to so that he wudnt file his claim.
My first reaction was to do an OJ Simpson on him, but I actually feel sorry for him, for a 58 yr old man, but he looks 78 and if I remember correctly he had some health issues. I think he lives alone and was very angry that I called him a quitter and a loser.
I emailed him some books on wholesaling and positive attitudes and it made him even more angry.
Soon I started deleting his emails without reading them, all this hateful negative BS, it interfered with my be happy vibe, and I blocked his email address, then I had to block 2 other addresses. The psycho is relentless. He was especially infuriated with my published success stories on this site.
But besides all that he’s not a bad guy, haha
Oh crap I just got another email from him, his 4th address.
calling me a chink lover. I do have a weakness for attractive Asian girls, don’t we all?
Oh the insanity.

I had a hearing with the Labor Commission this morning. It was in a city 2 hrs away. I had to get up early and spend 30 buks on gas.

Got there at the scheduled time of 9:AM with all my documents and crap, and guess what?

The Insane psychotic delusional bird dog from hell never shows up, I mean, what the Hell?
As much as I wanted to face this low life liar and extortionist, they dismissed his case.
I feel cheated. I was ready to fight. But, Who’s complaining? I’m happy for this ending.

I’ve updated my Bird dog info with disclaimers, haha.

Let’s get back to finding more deals…


I don’t know whether to be surprised at this bird dog’s FTA, or not.

But he got what he needed out of you, a big inconvenience.

He shot his wad. You’re not gonna hear from him again.

LOL "He shot his wad. You’re not gonna hear from him again. "

Wow! That’s crazy. So how much do you pay if you make a deal? And what state do you live in? I’d like to work with you if you’re not working with anyone now. PM me , Thanks!