protection from unscrupulous investors

Hi all!

I am new to wholesaling and I have a basic question. How do I protect myself from the end buyer? In other words, how do I present the deal to my investor (from my buyers list) without him/her going behind my back and making an offer to the seller in order to bypass my fee (even if the fee is very reasonable.)

I think you maybe worrying about something that just isn’t normal. If an investor does that to you, they won’t be in business too long as word travels quickly. Not to mention you have a signed contract so you control the property.

REIAuctions is correct…

Also when you build a trustworthy relationship with the seller, they will not want to deal with anyone else.


Thanks for the help guys! I really appreciate the input.

Trust worth or not you don’t actually need to worry because you are only showing them homes that you already have under contract. So you are protected from both ends. Just let your buyer know that you have other people interested in purchasing if they don’t so it would be of no use to go around you because you have the contract.