Protecting your Properties with an LLC Question..

Quick qeustion: If you’re DBA once your INC does your EIN # change? (you can get a EIN while DBA; so just wondering) :help

Ours didn’t. We have an LLC name in one state that is not allowed in another state because of a certain word in the business name. We had to do a DBA in the second state to use a name they allowed. The LLC still has the original EIN#. Our bank acct is set up with the entire name including the DBA name so we can deposit checks/money orders written out to either name.

You only need a new EIN if you are creating a new entity. You will need one if your DBA is a sole prop and you are forming a corp. An existing LLC, corp, etc. does not need a new EIN to get a DBA.

Well I got a EIN# under my biz name…and then I formed a LLC thru AmeriLawyer and they said I could use the old one…then some credit building company said that I would have to get a new EIN. I’m not sure if they said that in order to get my business. Thats where the root of the question came from. Obviously Im rooling wit what AmeriLawyer says but I don’t want to have to go back to them in case they set me up wrong. I Googled it out and some sites say yes and some say no soo… :rolleyes :help

You need a new EIN unless your existing EIN is for an LLC. You can get a new EIN on the IRS web site for free in about 10 minutes. There is no need to pay someone to do it for you.