Protecting Myself on Cash Land Deal

I just got a signed contract from the seller of a multi-fam lot in my area, ie. I’m the buyer, cash deal closing by 5/18. I’m going to flip this one way or another. I’ve read “don’t give the address” but won’t any buyer want due diligence process? They kinda have to know the details.

Edit: I don’t know what I’m worrying about. I have rights to this prop til May 18th and I also have someone who will buy it for a small profit if worse comes to worse. I have all of a few hours invested into it.


There are certain things that you want to be aware of when performing land contracts and they are:

  1. Leave the non-assignable clause in the agreement
  2. Take out the recording clause if your state will permit non-recording
  3. Late penalty
  4. Collection clause
  5. Deed in escrow
  6. Get enough down or lease/option

I hope this helps


I should have worded myself more clearly. I have a signed purchase agreement between me and the seller of the land. It’s a cash deal closing by may 18th (at my option). I also have a buyer lined up who can close very quickly for a tidy profit. I’m hoping to double close in the next two weeks.