Prosper Learning- Robert Allen

Has anyone dealt with Robert Allen’s Prosper Learning? Is it a good idea to invest that much money into it? Is it worth it?

hell no. there’s only one good book written by bob and thats
multiple streams of internet income. get it from the library and
save your money for actual investments.

I agree, the internet income book was worth reading, but the rest is a bunch of hype … Not to mention, you’re inbox will be filled with junk mail from them … 2¢

Thanks for your responses.
I’ve been talking to their representative over the phone for the last few days and it sounds like an excellent investment in RE education. They get you a mentor who guides you through your deals to make sure you’re not making any stupid mistakes, they have a team of lawyers/CPA that answer all of your questions, they send you foreclosure listings and many many other educational material.
Working with a mentor is the most important part for me as I would like to have someone who has more experience and knowledge to help me make the right decisions.
Can anyone please explain why this wouldn’t be the right step?
Has anyone gone through their program and didn’t like it?

i think the time to go for that is after you’ve tied up a deal or two. even then you could ask a local investor to help you out.

usually what happens is the people on the phone offering support do not
have the experience or the knowledge to justify the fee you pay the Company.
they’re just salaried employees. its basically just a marketing company trying
to get newbie investors to part with they’re money. don’t you think real
investors would rather be making money doing deals than sitting in an office
offering support???

thank for your reply.
Have you personally dealt with Prosper Learning or are you just expressing your opinion on something you haven’t tried? I’m looking for an objective opinion of someone who went through their program and did or didn’t find it useful.

I haven’t taken the course, but have read up on it quite a bit. Search Google, and see what you come up with, there are a lot of dissatisfied people out there.

While I didn’t take the course, I did look into it, and was in contact with them regarding it. Response to my inquiries was poor at best, but my inbox continued to be flooded with their latest promotional hype. No answer was given as to who the mentors are, or what experience they have. Everything I did read of theirs was nothing more than an over-priced solicitation of yet another course/book they were selling. I chose not to do the program, and asked them not to email me anything more. It finally took several letters, threatening a harassment suit, for them to stop sending me their junk mail.

Robert Allen seems to make his money selling hype; I have seen no real product of any value (when it comes to real estate).

Just my 2¢ … Take it as you will … :slight_smile:

no i haven’t taken their course, just sharing my experience and knowledge.
if you can afford to lose the 3-5k for their program by all means go ahead
and try it.
after all, why learn from the experience of others when you can afford to learn from your own!

:slight_smile: I went to robert allens free course in northern Va about a month ago, buy the course, it offers a live individual to talk you through and help step by step. they also offer free down loads of contracts in the state your in… I had already bought into carleton sheets program or {and i still might } would have bought his course…

Thanks everyone for your replies…
I’ve been doing some research on Prosper Learning and the opinion on them seems to be divided 50-50. Many people think it’s a good idea, many advise to stay away from them. I think it’s difficult to work with a company that has only 50% satisfaction rate.
If anyone has any additional information please reply, as I’m sure I’m not the only one targeted by their savvy salespeople.

While not directly related to the course in question, I felt this should be mentioned …

My previous post states that it took legal threats to get them to finally stop mailing me. A couple nights ago, more junk mail arrived from them, despite my many requests. I will now likely be filing a legal complaint against them to stop their mailings.

To me, this is bad business, and likely a good indication of how the rest of the company is run.

Hi Faragloni,

I’m a graduate from the Robert Allen institute. The seminar was great, the advisors are professionals (real estate, investors, etc). You can contact them via email or phone. They also have proprietary internet based software that has most every tool you’ll need to get up and going…from contracts, addendums, marketing tools, worksheets, and website development.

Would I do it again?
Hell yes!