Prosource Flooring

Hey Guys, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with Prosource Flooring? I saw a post on here that someone recommended them and since we had one local thought I’d give them a call. I went in and saw their showroom and they did have a great selection but I asked if there were any membership fees and he mentioned $25 and was quickly changing the subject. I hope thats it but they’re coming out Monday to measure and I guess I keep expecting the catch 22. As always, thanks for the insight.

Well, $25 was a bargain at any rate. I paid $150 for the yearly membership, and it is a good value IMHO.

I own a remodling company, and I can either send the Homeowner there to pick out their flooring, and ProSource will cut me a check or I can use their showroom as my own 24/7/365 with an access card, and sell to them direct and keep the profit. Example - the retail price (which is still competitive to the marketplace) is $2.75/sf, I pay $1.95/sf, and keep the difference. We’re not talking alot of money, but homeowners love having access to wholesale prices. For rehabbers, I haven’t been able to find anyone with a better price for the products they offer.

If anyone knows of someone with better pricing, I’m all ears…