pros&cons to inground pools & resale

Can someone tell me if it is more difficult to resale a house if we put a inground pool in. My husband thinks so. We plan on keeping the house for another 15-20 years. and I think when were ready to resale the house the profit will make up for it. what do you think?

If you are planning on staying there for a while (15-20 years) and you want a pool, put it in. It’s your house. But never put a pool in to sell a house, that’s a dumb idea. Generally homes with pools sell for about as much as homes without them, they are not good investments, but if you want a pool and you would enjoy having it, why not put it in?

I agree with Dan. The pool is one of the items that, in some areas, can decrease the value short term if it doesn’t fit the neighborhood. I’d previously seen on Bankrate or another website that you’d recoup about 40% of what you paid for the pool.

Here’s a good article on doing remodels.

Mrs, gcoulson

I agree as well look at it like this if you are not moving for 15-20 years take into consideration the life expectancy of a pool, By the time you re-sell the house it will be ready for some dirt filler anyway!
( I could be a pool salesman if this REI thing does not work)

Oh and Mr. gcoulson,
Sorry had to go with the wife on this I am still bitter at the last time a salesman made my wife say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. And I signed on the dotted line.