Pro's and con's of Real Estate Jobbing

Can anyone provide a couple pro’s and a couple con’s of jobbing / bird dogging?

Here is one of the major pros:

One of the problems faced by many newbies (new investors) in the real estate business is lack of confidence. Confidence cannot be built without doing the activity that you are trying to build confidence in. This presents a problem with most people because real estate is not something that you can just practice, you cant practice buying a house, or practice selling it. You could pretend to buy houses I guess, or pretend to sell houses, but pretending is for 3 year olds. This is where bird-dogging comes into play. It gives you a reason to practice, you get paid. Now if money wont make you practice then nothing will.

Instead of not getting paid for all those hours spent learning the market, you could be making thousands. I can’t think of a better way to learn real estate than getting out and looking for good deals, then finding good deals and showing them to buyers, who pay you for your services. Then after the buyers close you can follow the progress of the home and see if you made a good decision or not. The best part is that during your practice, even if you made a not so great decision you still get paid, and you dont lose a penny.

Eric Medemar

After researching RE investing I haven’t seen a better way to get started. Not only is it a good way to learn the industry P/T but it provides the much needed capital. Other than networking at the local REI club does anyone know of ways to find investors that would be interested?

Thanks for the post Eric.