proposal to vacant house owner... help!

Hi, I have had my eye on a vacant house in my area for a while and I recently obtained the address of the people who are paying the taxes on the property from the town. I would like to write them to discuss the possibility of purchasing the property. Has anyone here done this? Any suggestions on what I should include in the letter or the best way to word it? Any ideas or help or perhaps a link to a site dedicated to this would be greatly appreciated. I am new in the rehabbing business, and this property looks to be a good place to start if the owners are willing to part with it. Thanks again for all your help! :smiley:

Your letter should include your good intentions without offending the owner.Simply introduce yourself ,tell them you are looking to invest in the neighborhood,tell them you noticed their property seems to appear as though it is in need of attention,kindly as if they are interested in parting with it. Tell them you are able to give them fair market value for the condition it is in.Ask you may see the inside at their convenience and then offer them $1 (just kidding) Tell them it looks like it was a lovely home at one time and knowing what homes in the area are selling for and depending on how much work it needs start your offer at 50% of its value if the repairs are primarily cosmetic,(patch paint,carpet, appliances,)