Has anyone utilized this website to submit commercial properties to potential investors or know if they are legit or not? It’s free to join they provide quite a bit of material to learn from. I just need to know if it’s worth the time submitting properties to them. I am a newbie Property Scout and I really don’t want to waste my time.

Where are they located? I have seen the same template used in several other states. I don’t know if investors are using a general template and adding their own business name or what.
I think I ran across someone else talking about this on this site or possibly on When I lived in New England I did check out someone who was using the same template and the investor and his company were legit. I have learned that you should do due dilligence with investors in the begining until you know who is real and who the scam artist are. Unfortunatley with this recession comes a lot of shady characters trying to make a quick buck. Join your local RE clubs and devour this site as the folks here will tell you the truth and help in so many ways. I grew up in the business, doing renovations before I was old enough to have a real job lol. I still learn so much here every time I log on.

I have done some due diligence and talked to my investor and he is real. This seems legit SO FAR but I will tread these waters very carefully. My question now is why aren’t more people doing this or talking about it. That makes me very skeptical.

HI,I don’t think so that there would be any harm by submitting the property on any website will harm but the thing that should kept in mind that when ever you deal it should be with quality estate agents.