Property trade question

I have a city lot owned free and clear. I want to trade it for a car of equal value from a car lot.
($10,000) Can this be done without tax issues? What are the tax issues for the dealer when he sells the lot? All advice is appreciated.

Two parties can trade anything each has that the other wants. You want to trade a piece of real estate for a car. This is a bartering transaction and will be taxed to each party as if a sale had occurred. The “sale” price for your land will be the value of the car you received. Your capital gain or loss on this deal depends upon your cost basis for the property.

You may want to talk to an accountant!

It seems to me any US Citizen can gift someone up to $10k dollars tax free.
(Or Equivelant value up to $10k)

That might be the way to work it, I am just not sure as to the scope of the tax code!!

It is a gift if the item is freely offered without any expectation of repayment or reciprocity. Clearly not the case here. Sorry, tax free gift tax rules don’t apply.