property taxes and short sell

If I am going to do a short sell should I stay current or pay the property tax bill on time?

You shouldn’t pay it. Once you fall behind on payments, the bank will have to pay your taxes.

Tax liens supersede your mortgage liens, meaning the town will have first dibs on your house over the bank. So the bank will make the tax payments to keep the town from taking your house.

that’s a nice way of getting on over on the bank, and it might be even more ammusing f the bank didnt pay, the town gets dibs for you owing a few 100 dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless the lender doesn’t do their research, they will pay the taxes when they are do whether they are escrowed or not.
On the same note, here in Wisconsin on my short sale closings, I have many times where the prior years taxes are listed on the HUD as they are still outstanding (ie: if closing where today, 2009 taxes plus interest).

It depends, on how much you owing your tax. I would recomend you to pay for tax as you can list into expense column to show to your buyer so that the price could probably higher, you may gain a little more equity ( accumulated tax ).